Caleb + Ting, of Liquidtango, dance to inspire the soul. Their mesmerizing connection, innovative style, and devotion to the evolution of the dance is unique and without parallel. Their dancing is expansive and elastic
while at the same time filled with powerful and intense emotion.

Caleb + Ting teach using a simple and proven structure which gives their students the ability to improvise and develop a style of their own. They are known as teachers for their progressive thought and ability to clearly convey the fundamental structure of tango to anyone. Their students' uncanny knowledge of the dance allows them, in turn, to contribute to the evolution
of tango. To their students Caleb + Ting impart their love for the dance, the music, and the emotional resonance that they feel for each other and the dance.

Caleb + Ting are known for their elegant movement, dynamic ability and captivating essence. They are currently based in New York City.